Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 9, 2008

DBSK’s message for Popteen SUBBED

Credit: GOE;SS for subbing and xbadstarx @ youtube for uploading

This is the message they left for Popteen readers (Popteen is a Japanese fashion magazine, mainly targeted at teenage girls – i actually own a few copies..the clothes aren’t really my style though ^^” GETTING SIDETRACKED) ok, yes, this message was left last year on the 29th of December.

In the video they’re talking about their new single “Purple Line” and their upcoming 3rd album. And I LOLed when Yunho described it as including “many new songs that have grown more adult” XDXDXD ARE YOU REFERRING TO MICKY’S “i only want to touch myself” line ?!?!?! XDDDDDDDDDD

I love how Changmin kept reminding Jae of what he has to say, and omg how cute is it when everyone else claps their hands and HE SLAPS JAES THIGH XDDDD

And Junsu’s: “I’m 21….right?” :DD *so squishy* and the end bit when Yunho doesn’t wave and Jae stares at him till he waves ^—-^

And to show that i’m not biased: i reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally hate Jae’s boots, they remind me of UGG mixed with gum boots >”< here is a clearer picture of them :


See?? XP


  1. lol yes yes we know ur not biased…no one ever said u were, did they? ^^
    but LOL yes theyre ugly. end of story. haha
    lol i love skinship…hurray for fanservice!!!

  2. LOOOL,i just realized abt the boots! LOOL
    since im biased(LOL) everything looks good on jae:P

    ahha,but the clothes erghhh, not loving it:/

  3. Candychu:
    i know, they’re the most disgusting boots i have ever seen, me and their japanese stylists don’t click

    yes..anything looks good on jae…EXCEPT THOSE BOOTS XP they should pick me to be their stylist….they wouldn’t even have to pay me XD

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