Posted by: pinkandsparkly | September 4, 2009

Laugh With NichKhun

Video: Symbelmyns @ Youtube

LOL this is such a random post, but I just looked at our sidebar and saw that Candychu has already spammed laec posted SIX f(x) posts IN A ROW so I figured that we all needed a break ;D

The video’s a compilation of all of Khun’s laughs from Wild Bunny Ep.7, and omg, HIS LAUGH REMINDS ME OF TEUKIE’S XDD IT’S SO FUNNY. Khun is normally so composed and unfail-ey (unlike the rest of 2pm) so it’s very refreshing to see him flailing here XD. When I watched this, I found myself laughing along with him like an idiot. No, scratch that, I was laughing at him :DD

My favourite part is the bit at 0:45 when Jay went “do you understand” to Khun in English, and Khun goes “no XDDD” I’m guessing that Jay was asking him whether he understood what he was reading XD And ngl, I replayed that bit a few times XDDD

I used to have an mp3 of Teuk’s laugh…I’m thinking that I might make an mp3 of this.. LOL , I’M NOT CREEPY, SERIOUS :D


  1. let’s take a brake come one let’s go

    thank gawd for this, I love how is has different laughs, I especially love the one where it’s soft at the beginning then gets louder, and the devilish one when he was drawing Taec!

    • my day is sucking big time, but I won’t let that affect me, watching this video is making me feel better.

  2. love 0:35 its freaky and cute at the same time :))
    didn’t notice before that khun has this pitchy laughter.

    don’t worry, i have mp3 rips of SJ’s laughter collections. actually i still have them on my phone and mp3 player. sometimes i put my playlist on random then suddenly i hear these crazy laughters. man, i look like a fool while listening to those.

    • that is so freaking awesome. did you rip them yourself or download from somewhere?

  3. aww, he just seems cuter to me X) Thanks for posting this b/c it totally made my day (after being killed by loads of hw 0______0) i miss seeing Khun + the rest on WB D: can’t wait till this week to watch it :)

  4. lmao@ his high pitched crazy laugh, then his chuckle and the times where he sounds like a creep, khun can be flaily if he wants to

    also, i’m finding it hard to cope with the fact that next week is the last episode, 10 episodes is not much better but it is more than 8… DDDD:


    *in despair*

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