Posted by: lovediaries | September 24, 2009

Preorder Super Junior M’s Super Girl – The First Mini Album

Because I’m a nerd, I went on YA to check out all the versions~ I’ve compared and contrasted for your convenience :).

02. 到了明天(Blue Tomorrow)
03. 告白(Confession)
04. 動情 (Only U)
05. 愛情接力(You & Me)

HK Version – US$14.49 with 5 tracks, releasing Sep 25th.

HK Preorder Version – US$28.99, same as HK Version but with a poster; so you’re basically paying $14.50 for the poster. (Not worth it, imo). Also released Sep 25th.

Taiwan Version – US$14.99 (50c more expensive than HK version), otherwise the same and will be released Sep 30th.

Korean Version – US$9.99, cheapest version AND has a bonus two tracks which are the Korean versions of “Super Girl” and “Blue Tomorrow”. It will be released Sep 28th.


  1. good thing none of the songs are from their Kor release :) and I’m excited to hear the kor ver of SG and BT!

    • I know, I’m so happy everything is new :)

  2. I think the only possible songs to get are Super Girl and Confession.

    And after hearing Super Girl (KRN Ver.) on allkpop, I have to say, once you hear, one version and stick to it, you like it better than the other.

    • It’s not that the Krn version is bad … just the english lines in it omg XDD

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